Plastic Card Printers

PMC Technology are the sole distributor for Seaory products in New Zealand. We offer full warranty and support for this is up and coming Card Printer brand.

We have integrated the Seaory Solution into Enterprise and Public Entities, Urban Transport, Medical and Health Providers, Educational Facilities, Financial, Commercial and Telecommunication Fields.

We can offer a range of Smart Card product options: PVC Card | Magstripe Card | Contact Memory IC card/CPU Card | Contactless Memory IC Card/CPU Card | Dual Interface CPU Card are made of PVC/ PET/ ABS materials. All production processes and the quality control of these cards meet current ISO standard requirements in accordance with the regulations for Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay and other international credit card organizations.

PMC Technology continues to be innovative and is quick to implement technology breakthroughs. Our ‘Mission Statement’ is focused on providing a high level of quality service.