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View Product Catalog and Spec Sheet is the sole importer of BRENMOOR products for printable hospital wristbands and labels.

As medical identification innovators, we design, manufacture and supply patient identification solutions that are easy to use, comply fully with medical guidelines and offer real savings in both time and money. To complement our traditional services . We have expanded our range to include Brenmoor wristbands and other specialist healthcare identification products.

Hospital wristbands, patient bracelets and specialist hospital labels with accurate and legible details can drastically reduce care errors. BRENMOOR patient identification and speciality hospital labels can assist in patient identification to ensure any patient, drug, sample or blood unit is safely and properly identified through the hospital journey.

  • Our hospital wristbands, patient bracelets and skin labels are fully resistant to alcohol, soaps and water
  • All patient bracelets and SKIN ID labels are heat sensitive and printed without inks or ribbons
  • There is minimal wastage with the output of our wristbands and label solutions
  • Wristbands and patient bracelets can be customised with coloured logos at the point of manufacture
  • Many aspects of our ID solutions are patent protected which makes a great deal of what we do unique
  • All of our hospital bracelets can be supplied with an additional level of positive patient identification and have an RFID chip included within the wristband itself
  • Our patient bracelets and label solutions can help drastically reduce bed days
  • BRENMOOR’s reputation has been built on price, quality and service

Brenmoor is the major wristband supplier to the British National Health Service.

Brenmoor products are fully accredited and meet all healthcare requirements